Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Where are you?

Hello everyone,
It has just occurred to me that it would be nice if we all could tell what we have been doing. UEL students are now professionals. I´m still teaching - this time I´m in charge of Applied Linguistics. I´m also the Head of Department which means a lot of administrative work. I´m particularly interested in learning more about your views on recent developments in civil society, especially Occupy Wall Street and its various offsprings in different parts of the world. Do you evidence of this happening in your area?
Looking forward to hearing from you

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday, December 20, 2010

A few thoughts from the Bloomington group

After two and a half months of exchanging thoughts on such topics as, the Brazilian and American education systems, food, dress and other cultural differences, holidays, history, and language, this blog provided a space for very lively and informative discussions.

Here are a few of the things that the American students felt stood out as memorable among the discussions:

• Brazilian foods, all the wonderful tropical products, and popular national drinks and dishes, such as capirinhas, feijoada, and pastel.

• The geography of the country through images and video and the influence of the Portuguese in language and culture, contrary to the common notion in North America
that Spanish is spoken in Brazil, as it is in Brazil’s neighboring countries.

•The difference between the two school systems, different kinds of classes hours
and shorter school days in Brazil than in the U.S.

•What it is like to teach and learn English in Brazil and the challenges they face.

•A comparison of holidays traditions and different celebrations such as Day of the
Dead (Finados) and Dia do Saci in Brazil, along with the different cultural influences behind them (Portuguese, African, and Brazilian indigenous)

•The history of Londrina and the story of Redfoot (Pé vermelho)

Thanks for participating everyone!

Happy holidays!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Goodbye and thanks!

Hey there everyone,
Thanks so much for all the information about your ways of living and about your country and different cities! I really learned a lot from you guys! I guess this will be a long break for you guys and I hope that you enjoy it!!! I can't wait to be off from school for awhile! Hopefully you thought this was fun, I know I did, it's always fun to learn about a new place and new people! It's sad that this is our last post! So long!
- Taylor


Hey folks!! Today i'd like to share a little bit about the culture of our city.

The Londrina International Festival is the oldest on the continent and an important part of the cultural history of our country created in 1968.
Known for presenting shows of recognized artistic value, aesthetic and critical reflection, every year FILO transforms into a stage for great artists, ideas and expressions.
In addition to the great displays of the various trends of contemporary arts, the festival carries programming focused on vulnerable communities and excluded from the creative process to democratize the production, access and enjoyment of cultural services.
Inclusion of cultural communities and vulnerable and excluded groups is the proposal of the cultural projects developed since 2000 as a way to stimulate inventive potential and allow the expression of creativity of these groups, they become creators.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanks for Teaching!!!

Hi! Everyone! In these times, thanks for teaching and sharing the informations. I have learned a lot from your blogs. I have learn that how is your country cultures looks like. The beautiful natural environment and forests of your country. The history of your country and some specific great cities. And the delicious foods of your country. I know you are going to have a long vacation. Have fun and enjoy your vacation. Take care! See you!

Yinyin H.