Sunday, October 31, 2010

Brazilian Education

Well, I guess that education in Brazil could be much better, especially in English teaching. Teachers don't earn very well and the government does not provide the necessary resources for the development of English.
I wish that someday our country can offer other languages as official language, as happens in many countries. I know we have potential for this, but we need public policies to encourage teachers and also the students!!

Education in Brazil

It´s really hard to talk about this issue. Although a great number of positive changes have happened, some say that there's still a lot to be improved. I personally reckon that it completely hinges on us, students and future educators. I do believe we have the power in our hands to make the difference and establish a new order in the Education System. I'm so sure about this due to the experience I had when I was in the Fundamental Level. I used to study in a public school whan I was from 11 to 13. All I can say about this school is that everyone thought it was a place for hopeless cases - students from that institution didn't use to have any attention from the Govern, we were on our own. The only help we used to have was from parents who could afford some catering for the school canteen and books for some students. We used to share our books (lots of students didn't have classbooks) when there were books to share.
I must confess that those years were the best ones. I made lots of friends, the teachers were the best ever (I reckon this compensates the fact we didn't have any classbooks or any attention from the Government) and I was given the best-student-of-the-year prize when I moved to a private institution. In other words, I learnt how to the a good student exactly where it was the least expected. Not to mention that I learnt values for life.

But let's talk about structure (before I get any more lost in words... rsrsrs).

The Brazilian Educational System is divided into three levels: fundamental, intermediate and higher education, the latter comprising two different levels: undergraduate and graduate. Preschool or infant education is added to this hierarchical structure, for the purpose of providing assistance to children under 7 years of age.
Any youth or adult who did not follow or finish regular schooling at the appropriate age has the possibility of making up for the delay by attending courses and suppletory examinations customizing the mode of education to this special type of student.
Besides regular education, other modes of education are offered, such as suppletory education which substitutes and complements regular schooling, providing permanent education.
The regular school year in Brazil, independently of the calendar year, covers a minimum of 180 days of effective work, excluding tests and exams, according to the current Education Law. The new National Education Bases and Guidelines Law establishes 200 school days.
Fundamental school, compulsory to 7 to 14 year olds, extends over eight grades, with an annual minimum of 800 hours of activities. To enroll in the firstgrade, the student must be 7 years old, although entrance at an earlier age is allowed, depending on rules and regulations of each educational system.
Enrollment and attendance to fundamental education are allowed outside the appropriate age group. At 18 years of age, the student must attend suppletory education courses.
According to the Bases and Guidelines Law still in force, "national education, inspired in the principles of freedom and in the ideals of human solidarity, has the purpose of:

  1. understanding individual rights and responsibilities, as well as those of citizens, the State and other community groups;
  2. respecting man's dignity and fundamental freedoms;
  3. strengthening national unity and international solidarity;
  4. integral development of the human personality and his/her participation in the work towards common welfare;
  5. preparing individuals and society to master scientific and technological resources which will allow the use existing possibilities to common welfare;
  6. protecting, disseminating and expanding cultural heritage;
  7. condemning any unequal treatment resulting from philosophical, political or religious belief, as well as any social classes or racial prejudices."

Well guys, I hope I have helped with this input.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Night!!!

Hello Everyone.... it's Saturday night, and Im going out to this Halloween party... 'though halloween's not much popular 'round here, I'll give it a try.

Well I hope you all enjoy the holiday and have a blast of a Saunday.
Take care boys and girls...

Education and cultural aspects

Hello everyone!

So as many colleagues said the education here in Brazil is not very vallued and so people here doesn't have the opportunity to learn foreign language, for example. And about the cultural aspects here in Brazil we have lot of different kinds of food as some people already posted and we have lot of hollidays where nobody works and people love it !

Oh you are having Hlloween parties there rigth?!
and how do you like it ?
I wonder until what age do you go in the streets to aks for treat or tricks?

Well that's it see ya guys !!


Friday, October 29, 2010

Education in Brazil

Education of Brazil isn't good or bad.
The public school has its defits and has some aspects to improve much in the same way that the private school also need.
I believe that to change, education must be valued and we as Brazilians should believe this change, emphasizing the importance of education for development and future of the country.
This is it.



Yo this is Mr. Ross T. Phillips Have a happy halloween from MN hope you guys are Having fun. Check you later
- Heyy this Samairrahh ; Halloween is this Sunday I aint goin trick or treatin' but I will go bag snatchin' ahahaha ! jk ( just kidding ) ! (: Im havin' fun listenin' to Deuces ( Remix ) by Chris Brown which is a popular r&b singer along with Drake ! (:



Movies - isaiah

hey ladies and gentlemen coming back from a last week to talk to yall about movies a little bit! as you may or may not know, we have a huuuuuuuuge variety of movies ranging from the 1920s through today.personal favorites from eache genre would be:

Comedy: "Stepbrothers"
Action: "James Bond series"
Drama: "Antwone Fisher"
Suspense: "Shutter Island"
Horror: "Nightmare On Elm Street"

see you next week for more blogging!!


There are a lot of different types of music here. I, like almost everything, but I don't really like country. For the last two years I have gone to this big concert thing, where about 50 or 60 bands go, and play. It starts at 11:00 in the morning, and it goes till probably 8:00 at night. When I go, I get there like 2 hours early because the lines are crazyy long. But basically, there are about 6 stages and the bands are scheduled to play on certain stages through out the day. As soon as you get in the gates you go and get a schedule to see when the bands are playing. They only play once, so you have to make sure you get there on time. All the bands have there own tents to sell shirts and c.ds and everything thing. It is a lot of fun.
do you guys have any big concerts ?


happy halloween!

Nowadays, music in America is rap, hip-hop, or electronic.Back in the nineties, artists had talent and sang the way the wanted to. However, they had to change their style to stay in business. In the eighties, music was at it's peak with rock n' roll being it's leader. The eighties were a turning point for music. Many of the catchy songs you may hear were done in the eighties. Music had morals and lessons in them during the seventies and sixties. Rock music and rebellious music started to take shape then.

Movie theaters..

Here in the Unites States There is many good movies. Scary, comedy, mystery, drama, and others. But the most popular ones are scary and comedy one. I just went last week to see one of the most waited movie. It is called Paranormal Activity 2. I loved it but many perolpe here say it is the worst movie ever, which I hate it because they try to act tough and pretend they don't get scared but they actually do. Well you guys should try to watch it if It comes out over there. Once again It's called Paranormal Activity. We also already made videos for you guys but where are the videos for us? We want to see what all of your faces look like!

Get back to us... Jason Dominguez


Hey guys this weekend is going to be fun because halloween is where you dress up in costumes and you go around to peoples houses and get free candy. Im going to a couple parties this weekend so it should be fun. Also the World Series is going on and the Giants are beating the Rangers but I want the Rangers to win. Talk to you guys later!



in this time we like to celebrate a holiday called HALLOWEEN. we like to trick or treat, is when you go to door to door for candy until your bag is full while wearing a scary,funny,celebrity costume. kids can do this for fun while school is out.


-This is Danyell. Hola!
our music is really diverse many types of music like
rap,r&b,country,metal,rock and roll, and much more. I think the most popular music is rap and R&b. One of the most famous rappers now today would be Waka Flocka flame, Gucci mane, Roscoe Dash, Travis Porter, wiz khalifia, Niki minaj, Drake, Lil wayne, and much more. Well no more to say!


Hey Brazil !!!

Hey its Bobby, it is getting really cold here in Minnesota. How is the Weather there in Brazil? What kind of Music do you guys listening to and what kind of movies do you like to watch? I like listening to Eminem and Watch scary movies. Halloween is right around the corner and we go trick or treating. You go door to door getting candy and having fun wit friends. Bye!!!!!


hey its tyler from minnesota. How is Brazil? Right now in America its holloween weekend. So the big thing is dressing up in costumes and going trick or treating. Also holloween is supposed to be scary so everyone loves watching scary movies this time of year. Holloween is on october 31st. Trick or treating is where you dress up with your costumes and go to other houses with friends and ask for candy. Its mostly for kids adults dont do it.

hey guys!

Hey it's teddy again from America and I'm wanting to know all about you guys. I'm very interested in learning about the popular recording artists and movies there. In America Lil Wayne is a very popular public figure right now. Eminem is also a very recognized hip/hop artist here. The Saw movies are popular even though i really don't like them. Also the World Series is going on right now, which is the the championship of the Major League Baseball season which consists of the two best teams from their respective league to see who is the champion. The San Francisco Giants are winning the best of seven series two games to none.We'll talk again soon!See ya later!

How does the weather looks in your country!

In Minnesota, USA! The weather is beginning to be freezing out there! Oh,come on ! I am kind of not willing to go out! What does the weather look like now in your country?

World history 1st hour



Hey guys Again=)
I hope it's not to late to talk about my self a little (as Americans we love to talk about our self's) Well the biggest thing about me that every one knows is that i play ice hockey it's kinda who i am so I play around 10 months a year. Now that i'm 16 i also coach a hockey team they are what we call the level pee wee's they are around 10-13 years old there really cute but some times they get sloppy and like to slack so they have to skate. They don't like it but it's okay. I also play Soccer and Softball =) Also in my free time i play football with friends I'm not very good but every time i play get better so we will see how it goes.
Hockey try outs are next week so WISH ME LUCK who knows whats going to go down. so in my free time i love to play sports and hang out with my friends =) i also love coaching it's a lot like teaching for some people but it's more active so it keeps me in toon

Mandy but you can call me ribinz!!! (Ribbons) it's kinda a football thing =)



USA, Brazil

Hi, how is it going in Brazil? What are you guy doing after school? Keep in touch with us, Worldhistoryhour1.



Hello , Hi , How's It Going? (:


BONJOUR BRAZILIANS!!!! my name is jessica krawetz i go to kennedy highsfchool im 16 and in the 11th grade at our school we have school dances.The first one is homecoming thats were we play against a school called Jefferson our rivels and after the football game we go back to the school and they throw us a dance.The second dance is called sadies thats were the girls have to ask the guys to the dance.The third is called formals and thats were each couple had to dress up or fancy.And lastly theres prom and this is the funnedt dance of the year only Juniors and Seniors can attend this dance.Thanks for reading :)

- :)Damitaaa Sayss ;; I LOVE MEETING NEW PEOPLE !

- Helloooo . My name is Damita.(: Obviously. I don't think i posted mine last time but here we goo ... I, myself also go to Kennedy High School & i'm a Junior ( 11th grade ) . I LOVE MEETING NEW PEOPLE =D i'am 16 & i somewhat like school but i have a tendancy to slack off a bit. I love listening to music & hanging out with friends & fbook is thee BOMB! lmao . tell me all about yourself ! I'd love to hear back from you all (:

- XOXO , peaceee (:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Talking about Education in Brazil

hey there!!
Well, now i´d like to speak a little soemthing about the educational system in Brazil. The government here has a long way to go before getting things right in Brazil´s Ed. System. We really hope things get a lot better as the new President takes the lead in 2011, and we not only hope that as students, but also and most importantly as teachers-to-be! We still have lots of regional and social disparities in and outside schools and universities, and I think that should change in terms of equality.
Also, the resources the teachers need to teach should be reconsidered when it comes to classrooms and schools in general(electronic resources, material resources, etc). Well, I wish i could speak more, but that´ll be it for now.


BR Culture

hey folks!

So, as Ana said, our cuisine is singular! I was wondering... maybe you´ve never heard about a brazilian snack called Pastel, have you? It´s real good! it´s sort of a salty snack and it can be filled in with cheese, cheese+ham, meat, chicken, or any other fillings. it should be deeply fried. The sweet ones could be filled with chocolate, banana, jam, or any sorts of sweet fillings. You should try it whenever you come visit our country! I think you should try Brazilian Barbecue also!! It´s yummy!!

That´s it for now!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hey Again...

I know that you guys already heard some things about samba, but I don't like. I'm gonna to expain why..Carnaval happens when the temperature is around 40 Celsius, so people are sweaty and the physical contact is something that I try to avoid.

Now, I'm gonna talk about our CUISINE, that by the way is awesome!

Do you guys have ever heard about BRIGADEIRO?

Is a chocolate bonbon and we usually served in birthday parties. It's our national truffle, I really love it!


Our Feijoada is prepared with black beans, with a variety of salted pork and beef products, bacon, smoked pork ribs and others things like tongue, nail, but I never try it, because I think that is pretty wierd.

It's served with rice, collard greens, 'farofa',a peeled and slice os orange and pork rinds.

We usually eat listening samba and drinking CAIPIRINHA.

* You can change the fruit, if you prefer.
I'm a huge fan of CUISINE, so if anyone want a recipe I can post here to.
See ya,


Hey guys,
I'm gonna talk a little bit about education, I don't know how works there the structure of education but here is how it works.
Education in Brazil is divided into 3 levels:
  • Pre - school Education: this one is optional and exists to aid in development of children under 6.
  • Elementary School: 6-14 years old, we have 8 grades, but 9 years if you count the pre- school.
  • High School: Medium Education, and takes 3 years, the students must have finished the Elementary before they are allowed to enroll in High school.
  • Higher Education: Students here must pass a competitive examination, known as vestibular, for their specific course of study.

Education in Brazil is regulated by the Federal Goverment and the Minister of Education defines the guilding principles for the organization of educational programs. The Local Goverments are responsible to following guidelines supplied by the Federal Government.

The reality is that we have money, however the Government and our laws are medievals. This sunday we are trying to change this reality, so please cross yours fingers!!!!!! =)

I don't know if I put myself clear, so doubts...please ask!

See ya,


our culture of everyday

Helloooo!!guys, when we talk about the culture, we are talking about things that we do everyday too, and i will talk about our way of feeding .Here in brazil, in the morning, people use to eat bread with butter, coffee, tea, cookies, jam, cakes...In the lunch and dinner we always eat rice and beans,meat and salads. Sometimes we eat pasta or or make a barbecue, and drink juice and soft drinks

What do you know about USA?

Wow! I think I have lots of information. I have many friends there and I also taught in an Institute of Language here in Brazil where some short time missionaries used to come and spend three months teaching English. So it was awsome. We exchange lots of knowkedge about our countries. I've learned to cook delicious meals and I've got fluency in English. THe most important exchange was that we've realized that love is transcultural. That's all for now.

Education in Brazil

Education in Brazil is a priority of government and society, yet it still is not reaching the desired goals. Education is divided into three levels, basic, intermediate and higher. Basic education is the responsibility of municipalities, the school and the Higher States of three levels with predominance to state universities, as UEL, federal. The whole system of public education is free, however all levels is that private education is paid. There is also education for youth and adults who for some reason did not study in due time.
Hi! Guys
It's my first time! I had some problems to post it but finally I've got it. Great, cause I'm anxious to share ideas and change experiences. Let me talk a little bit about me. I had been teaching English for the last six years, it is a wonderful work and also a pleasure to teach and learn. I believe that as much you teach as much you learn. So it is all for now.


Well, in Brazil, the education isn’t the government priority, so in some places it is not good at all.
Here the students spend 5 hours in school, they have 5 classes each day.
Now we are in political season, we will choose a new president, so our candidates are promising to improve the education and the teacher’s salaries.
Here in Londrina we have some schools with full time education, the mayor wants to make all the public schools full time. I agree with that and I think kids would learn more with that and became a better person.
In the some public universities education stills need lots to improve and grow, and I hope someday it will.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Hey guys, so the topic this week is about education in our countries.
Well, in Brazil, I think education has a long and difficult way to go. It is not our government's priority so in some places it is not good at all.
And also students only get to spend 5 hours in school, but that is something the politicians are trying to improve and give children a full time education. I agree with that and I think kids would learn more with that.
Also in some universities education stills need lots to improve and grow, and I hope someday it will.

So this is it!

have a great week!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hello everybody!

I hope it's not too late to describe myself... (:
I'm Mayara Lima, and as my Brazilian friends, I am one of the students involved on this project.
I live in Brazil, in a city called Apucarana, It's a nice and simple place to live. Apucarana is Neighbor of Londrina city, I study English Language at UEL which is in Londrina, then, I travel everyday to go there, but It's just on hour.
I'm already teaching English for beginners, and I also teach Spanish.
I really like to study and teach both those languages, and I like to study at UEL too.
Well, That's a bit of me.
It's being nice to participate of this blog.
And that's it.

See ya!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

presentation and education in br

hi, my name is karilly, i'm 20
I didn´t post yet...
the education here isn´t the government priority...unfortunately
I thik if here the education was like in US, the things would be better...
here the classes has about 50 minuts,,are 5 classes each day
are just 4 hours in school
it´s really that you can take the licence to drive with just 16?



Hey guys,
I'm here with Nath and Leandro trying to write something nice to you guys, but it is so hot and we cannot think straight. LOL
We want to say that we are enjoying reading your posts and making comments about it, ando we hope you are enjoying it as much as we are. We are in college right now and soon we'll get home and we are really tired.
we hope to get you know you all better soon. And next class we ll have a video recorded so you can see us too.

see ya

Ana, Nathalia and Leandro


Hey my name is Ross I'm from america I like the things that we teens like he mostly the food ,sites mostly the freedom to do what we want when we want you know. Frist the schools there cool but not fun at all but it's imporant to have and the friends make it easier on you that's the best way of looking at it. But me I had 4 cars but I'm not seventeen yet I had to buy everyone I'm not into much this year for school like I was last year but next year I hope to be king homecoming but that's a thought not much to say check you later.

Topp of the morning :)

Hellloo my names Mariah Teetzel ;
I go to kennedy high school & its fun but at the same time the the rules here are very strict . They make kids not want to come to school . Ive always liked this school until we've had a new principal come and take over, now the school is not as enjoyable. I'm not any after school activities i'm just a normal student here :)

--Always ;
Mariah Teetzel


my name is Bobby, I go to Kennedy High School. We have 4 classes a day, from 7:50 A.M. to 2:20 P.M. each class is about 80 minutes long. Classes change about every 3 months so it's not all the same each year. Some classes are core classes like science and math, meaning that we need to take these classes to graduate. There are also other languages you can learn. Like french, german, spanish, and japanese. My favorite elective is animation because you can learn how to animate just about anything you draw. Well thats it for now. See Ya Later!

weeeelll uuuuuummmmmmm!!!

watz up!!.. I'm jordan or you can call me j-will as everbody calls me. im the one u seen on the 3rd hr video. But Kennedy here is pretty cool. not the best school.. pretty boring sometimes but i play Football for the school. It's a little too much of strict rules we have here now!.. its bad cause we have a new principle!.. but its ok! . talk to ya later!



hey, my names isaiah and i'm 17 almost 18 years old. i'm a junior at kennedy high school in bloomington, Minnesota. outside of school i practice Jiu Jitsu, american kickboxing, Muay Thai kickboxing and hwa rang do. i live in an apartment with my brother. i have 15 siblings total but we have all been separated by time. training never stops for me, but i must admit i haven't been trying my hardest. after the new year, i am enrolling in an academy for martial arts which may further my dreams in becoming a Mixed Martial Arts specialist and be able to teach students some day. well thats a little bit about me, thanks for reading!

Hey ;
I'm Samairrah I go to Kennedy High School in Bloomington, MN. I'm 16 years old, 5"7. I love to dance, shop, sing, joke around & partyyy! Kennedy is very strict about rules & you may like it better where your at. The principal is very on top of things. In my opinion class is not that fun for me its very stressful other than that I love seeing my friends.

Byeeee! (:
My names Talon i go to bloomington kennedy i play varsity football,track and hopefully basketball this year. Im a junior i'm African american ,italian my fav.class is world history and english.I Like my school its multi-cultural and fun, but we still do learn :).We don't get that much homework but we take a lot of test in my opinion.But through everything its great and i america is nice you should come visit.


Talon Frazier
My name is Lamont Fondern Jr. I attend Kennedy Senior High In Bloomington,Minnesota.
Here at Kennedy we have a 4 day period, which is great, because we get less home work.
I love to go to church, giving God the praise is my Number 1 priority of all things,do my school work,cook,hang out with my friends and family on my spare time. I am Looking Forward to talking with you all.
Lamont Fonder Jr.
hi my name is Esra'a
I'm sixteen years old I go to kennedy high school in Bloomington Minnesota.
I like kennedy high school but I'm also excited to learn more about schools in Brazil.
Here in America schools are fun we get to play sports after school see friends and get education school is a good place to be you get to learn about other people and other cultures and see where people come from. Im really interested in learning about schools in Brazil.
Will i guess this is it for now talk to you guys soon

Hi my names is Roxanna,
I am sixteen years old I am a junior at Kennedy High School.
I'm very interested on knowing more about schools in Brazil! :)


School starts at 7:50 am and ends at 2:20 pm at John F. Kennedy High school in Bloomington Minnesota. Students have four classes everyday, and each class last for 84 minuets. When you're late of any of your class you'll need pass to get in. If you don't have a pass you'll not be allow in that class. in math there's homework everyday. lol There are four terms in a school year and each term last for nine weeks. There are after school activities and sports like Football, soccer, volleyball, tennis and base-ball, and basketball for students.

Weendor Kamara

about me

I am a kennedy high school student i am in the robotics club where we build robots. i like to play video games and hang out with friends on the weekend. i like to ride my bike on sunny days. and i hope to learn about brazil.
destiny obinnah


My name is Rico Gunn! I go to kennedy high school and i am in the 11th grade. I am a captain of the varsity basketball team. Last year the team was kinda whack but last year we graduated 8 seniors and now I'm eligible and we have a couple transfers we are looking pretty tough and this year we should be one of the top schools in the state. Ill keep y'all up dated!

hey hey!!

hello people from brazil!!! My name is Stephanie Footh and I'm in 11th grade. I'm involved in many school activities at kennedy high school. I'm in two sports volleyball and lacrosse. Volleyball season is just coming to an end. We're playing our rival team today... i'm really excited. I hope we win, but they have a higher winning streak and we haven't been winning lately. Even though we kinda suck I still love the game and put my time into it. So by the time I get home I usually end up staying late doing homework. Which sucks a lot. Lacrosse is coming up in the spring because we can't play in the snow. And I think we are going to have a great season and maybe go to state!! Anyways hope to hear from you soon!!



Hello everyone! My name is Emily Thurner. I would describe the typical American high school experience as really crazy but so much fun at the same time. I'm on the volleyball team so it's really hard to keep my grades up and still have time to hang out with friends while having practice for three hours everyday after school and games two nights a week. It usually all works out but sometimes i end up staying up really late studying for tests I have the next morning which isn't too much fun. Tonight we're playing our cross town rivals, hopefully we'll win!

Hi, my names Kayla. I'm a Junior at Kennedy High School in bloomington minnesota. I play volley ball for Kennedy. Kennedy high school isn't that exciting exspecially sense we got a new principle this year and he changed all the rules. Some good things about kennedy is that theres a lot of opportunity and our school is really diverse.

hey guys!

Hey guys! My name is Teddy Sunder and I'm 16 years old. I love to play American Football and Baseball.I also like to hang out with friends and just hang out. I'm very interested in learning about you guys and your style of life. I would like to someday make it to Brazil and meet you guys. Going to school in America isn't as fun as most would think. It's still work and i get really sick of it after a while. Which I'm sure you guys understand.We'll be talking to you guys! So long!
Teddy Sunder


Hey yall,
my name be chet, I are smart, just kidding I got jokes. I like loud cars/trucks, american football, and hockey, and hunting.
my favorite foods including pizza, bacon cheeseburgers, and spaghetti. Now I'm supposed to be talking about what the schools are like in america, there isn't much to say. The schools are easy, and the school lunches are terrible! never go to school here! I'm warning you. The only things good is that we are the land of the free, and have many freedoms, Like we can be in debt and still put food on the table for our families. But our new principal at Kennedy high school, is just like a dictator, He is a control freak let me tell you what!

With lots of love,
chet haslerud'


My name is Jason Dominguez and Here at kennedy high school the most popular sport is American Football. I wished it was soccer (futbol) that was the most popular, because I love soccer. Too bad it is not. The soccer team here is good but not super. We actually are not good at any other sport in here. The only thing that we have one recently is wrestling. This guy named Dylan. He was really good. Well, That's about it here at kennedy high school with sport. we aren't really that good.

Sincerely Jason


My name is Adam W. Here at Kennedy High School, we have four classes each day that are eighty minutes long. Each student gets to choose their classes during the previous year, but everyone needs to take their four core classes at some point during the year. Those classes are: English, Social Studies, Math, and Science. For the most part, those classes are very boring. In almost every case, the classes you can freely choose, the electives, are the only fun you may remember because each class you choose, relates to what you're looking for in a school day. Next year on the other hand, they are limiting the number of electives and increasing the four period day to a six period day, but on top of it all, there are sports and dances to remove the slight prison-like atmosphere to it all.


At John F. Kennedy high school, we can take several elective classes. Those classes range from Auto mechanics and Auto body to Fashion,Wood shop, and International foods. I'm currently in Interior Design, which is another choice for an elective class. In Interior design we learn how to design rooms based on a person's wants and needs. We also learn about the many different factors that we have to consider when we design a room. Those factors include special needs, color, lighting, and atmosphere as well as many others.

Hope to learn more from you,


Hey ! This is allegra and I'm a 11th grader and I'm 16 years old! I like to party, dance, and laugh a lot. Things we do is go to the mall shop , hang with friends , party together , and watch all the boys play basketball and football. I like listening to any music besides country and heavy medal!
Thankss !((:


hi Im tyler and Im in 11th grade at kennedy. My favorite thing at kennedy is the sports. I play on the lacrosse team. We have practice after school. It is alot of fun even though we are not a good team. Some other sports at kennedy we have are football, track, volleyball, basketball, and wrestling. You have to on track to graduate to play otherwise you will be suspended until you get your grades up. Do you guys have any sports down there? Have a nice day.


What I know about your country

Hi guys

Actually I don´t know too much about your culture... I have read a lot of books from American writers, btw my favourite author is Jack Keroauc, who was American.
I like American Rock, a lot of amazing bands come from USA (you all should check the texan band The Sword, they are amazing!).

Hey Britains !!:)

Im Jessica Krawetz from kennedy high school i'm in the 11th grade (junior) and i an gonna share some news about our elective classes here at kennedy. Electives are non required classes you take them for fun. My elective classes this year are 3D and 2D are, advanced foods witch is preparing full meals like for dinner and cake decorateing making chocolate and truffles YUM:) there are many more electives for kennedy.They are lots of fun do u guys have electives?


hi my name is Sarwan i live in Bloomington Minnesota i goto Kennedy high school we have 4 classes each day school starts 7:50 and ends at 2:20 classes are 80 min long and theres 4 terms in the year every term some of the classes change and some stay the same my favorite class is Criminal Justice because you learn about the cops well thats talk to you guys later.


My name is Rancell, I go to Kennedy High School. It is in Bloomington, MN.It gets cold here sometimes. I am very excited to talk to you guys about how life is in Brazil. It's 9:01 am at the moment and I am still very sleepy. I don't know when you guys go to school or start class but i heard it was later than us. How's life in brazil and whats your name? See you soon,
Rancell Iglesias

School and Homecoming in America

Hi, my name is Major I am an american student. I attend Kennedy High School. Here in America we have a week we call "Homecoming Week". During this week we show our school spirit and everyday of homecoming week we have a theme and we dress a certain way. We also have a pep fest. At the pep fest the whole school gathers together and we have fun events and we cheer on our class and show support to our football team, and have performances to give students chances to show their talent. Also at the pep fest we choose a homecoming queen and king and they get bragging rights for the year and its always a good memory to have. The whole point of Homecoming week is to again, show school spirit and also get our football teams ready for their home game, which they play at their home stadium. Following the game we hold the traditional Homecoming dance. The dances are fun at most schools but I'm sad to say that at our school its not that fun because we have to many rules and the staff doesn't let us get that normal high school experience. Other than the staff homecoming week/dances can be very fun and I'm sure if you could experience it you would love it.

Highschool Classes.

Hey, it's Genna,

So at Kennedy we only have four classes every quarter. We have required classes and electives. Some required classes we have to take to graduate are English, different types of science, Mathematics, history/civics, and two quarters of gym. Electives are, in a way, "fun" classes. For example, Foods class, photography class, auto body, and you can take advanced gym. This quarter I love my classes. My first hour is World History, second hour is Probability and Statistics, third hour is Forensics Science, and my fourth hour? I'm a teachers assistant for an English class. I grade papers and all that stuff. I wouldn't call it fun, but at least I don't really have to think. Haha. Well I guess this is all I have to say for now.
The Education in America.
Hi! Everyone. How is it going! This time, I want to introduce the Education in America. How does it looks like? It is cool. The High School Education, base on the different states, they have the different requirements. Sometimes, the amounts of classes of the day is different. In Minnesota, they have 4 Class a day. They need to pass the state required reading, writing and math tests. Also, the required class including math, English, science and social studies. But after you finish your required class. You can elect your favorite classes. That is a lot of freedom here. Also, you can elect the college level class during the high school. You need to pass the AP Test to get the college credits. But that is really hard. The interesting parts, we could join the any kinds of clubs after school. You can learn more things and hang out with your friends. Also, we have a lots of holidays . That is fun. And what does your Education looks like?

YinYin Huang

Hello Mc'lovin!!

Hi, my name is Raven

I am a fun young loving young lady with a lot of charm: ) I am sixteen years old, I will be seventeen on November 19..(shout out to all my Brazilian scorpios!!) I love having fun with my friends. I live in Bloomington, MN.. there isn't much to do here...

I have more to tell you!! talk to u soon!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Karen and I'am in 11 grade and I live in Bloomington Minnesota and I go to Kennedy high school. I'am going to be talking about my typical classes in America. My most favorite class is interior design because we draw rooms and do some projects and because we do not get a lot of homework in that class. My least favorite class is Algebra because the teacher does not like me and we get a lot of homework. My other two classes are English 11 and World History but this two classes are okay and I'am interested in learning about Brazilian's cultures.
Sincerely, Karen


my name is Rafeal, I go to Kennedy High School. We have 4 classes a day, from 7:50 A.M. to 2:20 P.M. each class is about 80 minutes long. Classes change about every 3 months so it's not all the same each year. Some classes are core classes like science and math, meaning that we need to take these classes to graduate. Other classes like auto body and computer graphics, these are electives meaning that are not required classes but you still need to take electives to get enough credits to graduate. There are also other languages you can learn. Like french, german, spanish, and japanese. My favorite elective is animation because you can learn how to animate just about anything you draw. Well thats it for now. Bye!


my name is luke. In school we have classes where we can chose what we want to do. like i picked advanced autobody where i can bring in my truck and work on it in school. It's alot of fun and i get alot of stuff done on it. my truck is one of my hobies and one of my loves. all my friends have big lifted mud trucks too. Do you have anything like that where you are?
~peace out~


Hello, my name is Brian. I go to Kennedy High School in Bloomington Minnesota. I am in three sports here including soccer, swimming, and tennis. My soccer season just ended and swimming is coming up next and I am not excited for it!!! Swimming isn't fun at all but i still do it. Tennis is my favorite sport and i play that in the spring. I am also involved in show choir which is a group of about 52 people in the group and we sing and dance. We also compete in many competitions dring the year and do various performances. I am excited to be able to talk to you



To my Brazilian Friends

Hi, my name's Kimlong So and goes short by Kim. I am from John F. Kennedy High School, Bloomington, Minnesota, U.S.A. I am very happy to talk about my school over here. Kennedy High School is a good school as every morning very student is hurry to class. I can tell every one of my friend is enthusiastic to study. The most accomplishment of students in kennedy is the majority of us having good grade in school. The vivid reason I can tell of this is every chapter we have finished, we usually have quizzes and tests to assess our knowledge and success in school. Finally, I would like to say hi from all of my friends to Brazil.

Sending big hug from Kennedy.

hello :)!!!

Hello I 'm Roidely :)!!
I 'm here to tell you about spirit week in our school. In our spirit week we dress up each day differently. For example, we dress up in different ways. Monday sport/jersey day , Tuesday :formal dress up day, Wednesday:crayon day were we dress up into one color from head to toe, Thursday:retro day we dress up like in the 80's , Friday:blue and gold that is our colors for our school.Then we have homecoming. Homecoming is a dance that is due right after the football game. You have to buy a ticket to see the football game and to go to the dance.When you go to the dance u can take a partner guy/girl its really fun we do this every year . Finally this is spirit week for us.
It was really nice writing to you guys hope we can have a chanse to talk to you guys and write to you again. Well take care bye :)


To my Brazil Friends

Hello! My name is Bukhari and the school i go to John of Kennedy High School. I live in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA. Today i would like to tell you about the sport i play for Kennedy High school. My favorite sports is soccer and i play for kennedy high school. Some day i would like to become a soccer player and the team i support in English premier league is Manchester United. My favorite player In Brazil country is Ronaldinho, KaKa and Ronald are my three favorite soccer players In Brazil. Good Bye!

Kennedy showchoir

Hi I'm amanda, I go to Kennedy high school and I'm in the show choir there. Show choir is a big event in America. What show choir is, is a group of guys and girls singing and dancing up on a stage. We have a set witch we learn at the begging of the school year and practice it till competitions come up. At competitions we preform the same set we have been practicing for a good couple months. When we preform we are judged by 5 to 6 judges and go all out on our set its a lot of hard work and its a fun time. :)

HI !!!

Hi everyone I'm Hekmat :).
I'm here to tell you about our spirit week at school. In our spirit week we dress up each day differently, for example this year we dress up as the following. Monday is sports/jersey day which we wear something related to sports. Tuesday is Formal dress up day which we wear something as if we have a job interview or going to work. Wednesday is crayon day where we dress up as one color or all colors all over. Thursday is retro day which we dress up as if we are in the 1980's. Last but not least is Friday where we wear "Blue & Gold" which are the school colors and everyone paint their faces blue and gold as well. Finally, there is a thing called pep-fest which everyone at school go to they gyms and sit and watch some quire acts.

It was nice writing this for you guys and i hope i get the chance to write again. Hope to get the chance to talk to you as soon as possible, I would like to meet you in person and tell you about everything I know.


Hello, My name is T.J. I am from bloomington minnesota. I would like to tell you about a high school sport i play for Kennedy high school. My favorite sport I play is football. We always play on friday nights at seven o'clock. I play defence and i am a nose tackel. I have been playing football since I was in the third grade. I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite sport.


Hello ! (:
School is pretty fun especially if you have fun friends to be with throughout your day. I love John F. Kennedy High School. Our school has a lot of diversity! Our school welcomes everyone. We have four classes to go to. Each class is about an hour and fourty-five minutes. Your probably thinking that's a really long time for one class but it is! It's horrible! On Wednesdays, it's different, we have an extra class that's called Advisory. Each class would be about twenty minutes shorter. That's one reason why I love Wednesday. (x

Later !
------------> Jossie (:


Hi, I'm Aldair !

I'm in 11th grade at kennedy high school. Well there is not much to talk about but i'll tell somethings I find interesting at my school. First of all we have so many people from all over the place so it's a really diverse school. So I don't want to talk about school so i'm going to talk about things that i like about brazil is that most of you guys like soccer. I was so upset that brazil was eliminated by the netherlands in the world cup so i don't have much time to tell you guys more cause i have to go to my next class ...... BYE !!!!!!


Hi my name is Max.
I am a student at Kennedy High School. There are many different types of activities and clubs that you can do at Kennedy. Such as the Chess Club, French Club, Guitar Club, There is Skill USA, and many others that you can chose from.


Hi, I'm Sammy. A student at Kennedy High school in Minnesota. We have four classes a day. They're either required or electives, electives being classes you can choose to take. The required classes are usually Math, English, History, Science, & Physical Education. Classes/school goes from 7:50 AM to 2:30 PM. Although in the past years we've been having four classes a day, next year will change. We will be changing from four classes to six. Well, that's all for now. Hope to hear from you soon!

- Sammy V.

Kennedy Hockey

Hello, my name is Sean and i am on Kennedy High School Hockey Team. We are just starting our captains practices which are pre-season clinics with no coaches and we usually just scrimmage. Our head coach for varsity is Dave Dillon who just started coaching for us last year and is a Kennedy alumni. Also we have a head coach for junior varsity and his name is Dave Miller who went to kennedy a couple years ago. We hope to be better this year than our previous years and I think we will be better now and in the future because of our high number of younger players this year.

.\. /

Hey! :DD

At Kennedy the days are actually really boring. Sometimes they're interesting, but for the most part it's pretty much the same thing everyday. You learn different things, but you basically end up doing the same thing in every class. Sitting in your desk for six hours doing your work. It gets really repetitive throughout the year. The only good things about school are the electives we can choose. Some of them aren't that interesting, but other ones can help you experience different things to help you decide what you want to do when you grow up. Well, byyyyeeeeeee.

Kelsey Johnson :))


hey there
My names Matt and I go to Kennedy senior high school. Im 17 and im a junior. I dont do much in school since i only have half days due to the work program which is really nice and then i go to work after school. I have a couple things i do such as snowboard in the winter and drive trucks all year long and go mudding. yeahp so thats pretty much it. talk to ya later!

American schools!

Hello my fellow blogger from Brazil!!
My name is Amanda but there is another Amanda in this class so I will be Mandy so it's not crazy!!
I am in 11th grad in high school! I find school pretty tolerable. This term i am taking World history, Gym, Chemistry, French. Sadly i am only in french one so i don't know much =).
Gym is my favorite class because I love sports. Sports are a big part of Kennedy high school. We get really big with football. That's the big sport right now but because we live in Minnesota we get a lot of snow so that means Ice. That means ICE HOCKEY! That's my big sport right now. It's a lot of fun. I also play soccer and softball (fast and slow(the difference is how the ball is pitched)). Our school is cool because we can do a lot of things in our free time. We don't have to be afraid about not seeing our friends because we see them for 6 hours at school well i guess I'll talk to you soon BYE!!!!!
Love Mandy!


HI Brazilians. Im Riley.
Im in 11th grade at kennedy highschoool! I think school is easy to handle, I get to see my friends and I get to learn stuff for free. So I think its a pretty good deal. The school food is disgusting though. Just....nastyy. It's worse then when I cook. My classes are World History, Forensic Science, yearbook, and Criminal Justice. My favorite class out of all of them is Criminal Justice. Its fun because i get to learn about crimes and stuff. The teacher is funny too, so that helps. He gives us candy. The worst class I have is probably...yearbook. We make the yearbook. It's either really boring or it's really stressful. It's not fun. Worst class everr!!! Never going to take it again. We just got a new principal so we are trying to adjust to alllllllllllll the new rules he made. But thats all for now ill talk to you later? byeeeeeeeeeeee.
~Riley L

JFK Student Government!

Hi, I'm Taylor!
I'm involved in my school's Student Government program. We meet every Tuesday at 7:15 before school starts. Each Tuesday, we have a group of Seniors who sort of run the meeting, including one "President". We usually talk about and plan out the events of our school such as our spirit days, that go on during the week of school dances and football games such as Homecoming where we can dress up according to the designated themes of each day! Those types of things are the most fun to plan. Otherwise, we also will later plan the Blood Drive, and other fundraiser type things. I've never given blood because I have a late birthday and you cannot donate until you are sixteen. This year will be my first time being able to participate and I'm super excited! Anyways, it's pretty cool to be involved and get to have a say in how certain things work at our school. But it's so early and I don't like to wake up. So that part is kind of a bummer. This week it was canceled, so today I could take extra time to get ready. Yes!! Okay, well, talk to you soon!


Hi im Calvin, im going to talk about our baseball team! Our baseball teams have been struggling but hopefully this year we turn it around. We have a baseball trip to Arizona coming up so im very excited about that. We have a young team, but i think we will be pretty good. We also have a new conference so a lot of teams left but we also got a lot of new teams to play. Wish us luck!!! Were gonna need it!! :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

My knowledge about USA!

I would like to know more about the culture of other countries including the United States of America, but unfortunately what I know is limited to the aspects propagated in movies and television series. However there is one aspect that seems very peculiar to the American people, his devotion to study, work, organization and planning and this gives as consideration a great advance in science and technology. The contacts I had with Amercians show me that they are gentle and have a great hospitality. I could not forget that there is a great influence in the field of music, mainly rock and blues.
Until next time

What I like from USA

Hey everybody!
As everybody said your music and series are really famous all over the world, and here in Brazil it couldn't be different!!
I really enjoy your music, specially Elvis, the best singer ever! I'm a big fan of his music and his life story. I also enjoy Ray Charles and another songs of that time.
I'm addicted to some TV series, such as 'House' and 'Two and a half man' and I love your movies and all the stars from Hollywood.
Every year I wait anxiously for the Oscar, not only for the award, but also for all the glamor and inspiration that I get in the hairstyles and make-up tendences, since I work as a hairdresser and make-up artist. I'm completely crazy about the infinity of cosmetics and makeup that you have there, such as MAC and Sephora store! I'm sure that all these stores are much more amazing in person than on the internet! What a dream!
I hope that one day I'll go to your country to improve my English and learn a little bit more about this world of beauty that the U.S are!!!

Hi there!!!

Hi guys!!
What I know about the US????
They are a very welcoming people that valuet traditions, family and organisation.
Americans love sports and are very good at it!
The US is strong Economic, Scientific and Tecnologicly.
Ok... I just know that I love the US and I miss it alot!!!

Sorry, but you've got to give me a hand with this guys...

What do I know about American culture? Sorry, but I hate to admit that I don't know much.
I'm afraid all I know is nothing but a bunch of clichés... I watch too many sitcoms and films, which are usually far-fetched, therefore, I strongly believe that what we see on telly gives a somewhat distorted impression of what actually happens. Unfortunately, I neither had the opportunity to visit the USA nor to meet an American in the flesh so that I could learn a bit more about American culture. So, can you give me a hand with this?


What I know..


Here we do not know much about you guys, I sometimes see some things on the Internet, magazines, but what most people talk about is the cold, snow, things cheaper than in Brazil as clothing, perfumes, shoes ..
I know there are several nice places to hang out with friends and I heard that you guys love to play bowling and other kinda sports and eat fastfood. is that true?
My friends who went to USA told me that skiing is too cool.
and we know that you can not drink alcoholic beverages before 21 years, it's sad.
I really like some sitcoms like the vampire diaries, grey's anatomy, bones ..
Answering the question from someone I have never seen snow either, but I like a lot, but not for long because I did not really like the cold

I would like to know more about you guys and also what do you know and think about us!

see U!

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! My name is Maria Mizakami. Nice to meet you all!
Let me tell you a little bit about myself... Well, actually there is too much to talk about, so I'm going to cut a long story short... here we go!
Since graduating in Business and Administration from UEL – State University of Londrina I have been working for Cultura Inglesa as a teacher of English. I have become particularly interested in the education field; therefore, I have deepened my studies investing in certificates as well as in courses abroad. In addition, I am studying Modern Languages Course at UEL in order to develop my career yet further.
I am married (God has blessed me with the sweetest husband ever!) but I haven't got any kids yet. My hobbies are reading (I'm addicted to Sophie Kinsella and the shopaholic series of hers!), cooking (That's such a pitty you live up there! You won't be able to taste my unforgettable risotto! Well, never mind. I'm sure there will be opportunity in the future...) and I really love listening to music (My favourite band is Smashing Pumkins... does anyone enjoy them as well? Oops! Almost forgot! I love samba... typical Brazilian, aren't I?)

I hope we all enjoy this time together!


Education in Brazil

In Brazil, I think the education is not so bad,it depends on the city or the goverment. Of course, private school here is better than the public ones, but the public education is getting better now. About the foreign language learning is a bit different, I think it could get better. Students here don't learn all the abilities, listen, speak, read and write;here they learn more how to write and read.In this subject the school are failing.But I believe it can change, I really do. That's why I'm studying and I'll do my best when I start really teaching.And you, how about education in the Us?I know nothing about it.See ya!


Hey! So, what do I know about your country? So, as Nathy said, I know about your musics, films and series. I really love your musics and singers, like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Rihanna and more ones. So,, about your culture I don't know too much, cause here we learn more about the language and not the culture. I really like to know what you all do in your free time, where you use to go, etc. Ah! and here we don't have snow, I think Jennifer asked us, so I've never seen it, but one day, I'm sure I go to your country, so I'll see it.
Bom dia!

Some of you are familiar with how the education system works in the U.S. A new documentary has just come out called "Waiting for Superman". It brings up several important issues in public education and with the current generation of students in the United States today. The ideas in the movie are not universally accepted; it has been controversial in the U.S. too. But I think it is very interesting and I am posting it here to raise discussion and get your opinions, both from Brazil and from the Kennedy group. This is by the same filmmaker who made the excellent documentary "An Inconvenient Truth". Take a look at the trailer for the movie and give your opinion:

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What I know...

Well, at first I would like to say that I loved the videos! I thought you guys were really nice and I was so amused in watching them!
So, this week we are supposed to talk about what we know about your country, right? Well as Leandro said I really love the music and the series, sitcoms and movies. Really, I can't live without them!
And as I love music I try to show that to my students in my classes, and also I love to work with them watching the series or sitcoms I find most interesting, what I like to show them is the informal language used, because when we learn or teach English in here we are supposed to learn the formal English.
In one of the schools I teach I get to teach a lot about American culture, about the cities and everything, which has come to be something really nice to me, because I could find and learn more about the cities, the history and stuff like that.
Well, that's it I guess! Hope you all have a great week!

See ya!


American Entertainment

Well I really like American shows and music. I always watch Fringe, True Blood, Dexter and other sitcoms like Modern Famiy. Besides that, there are movies, which are great. Last one I've seen was Resident Evil 4 3D in the theathers a couple of weeks ago. I also listen to a lot of singers from there, such as The Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry and Pharrel. Oh and there's Disney, which is pretty famous here as well. I know there are a lot of other good stuff, but that's what I can tell from the top of my head.

See you then...

Friday, October 15, 2010

sharing experiences

Hey again guys !

Well I've seen your videos and I was very surprised because there are people from all over the world in your classroom and it is very nice!! So this week we are supposed to talk about what we know about your country and what you guys know about ours, Brazil. I know about the food you are used to eat as breakfast for example, and that we brazilians get surprised with it , because we usually use to eat bread, drink milk and sometimes eat some fruits for breakfast, only. And we here also know about some famous hollidays you celebrate there, such as: Saint Patricks Day, Thanksgiving and so on.
Well I have never seen snow in my hole life I think it would be awesome to have this experience one day but only for one or two days cause I imagine It's Freezing cold!!! Some of you said you are about to work in some places there near your school or near the place you live... this is the part time jobs right? like where do you usually work though?! And now tell us what do you know about our country people!!

See ya soon !!
Lídia Alves

Introductions from 3rd Hour Class

Hi, these are some introductions written by my 3rd hour class. We didn't have the blog fully set up when they wrote them, so I had them typed to go in this entry. 1st hour's introductions are coming soon, and then the students will be posting more on their own next week. Thanks! :) Sara D-W

Hey my name is Kayla, I’m 16 almost 17 years old. I play volleyball for Kennedy high school. I like to hang out with my friends. Everyone that goes to Kennedy lives close to The Mall of America. Which is the biggest mall in America. I’m a junior and am excited to graduate next year. Kayla W.

Hello, I am 16 years old I like to play video games and hang out with friends. I play sports like soccer, tennis, basketball. I hope to learn a lot about Brazil and it’s culture. Destiny O.


I’m Tyler I go to Kennedy. My favorite thing to do is to work on trucks/cars and hunt. I drive a big truck that loves being muddy. I hunt a lot mostly deer. Deer opener is coming up in a couple weeks. I play lacrosse for Kennedy also. Excited to talk to you guys! Tyler

Hey there! My name is Teddy Sunder. I'm 16 years old and I go to Kennedy High. I play football and baseball and beast both. I want to learn all about you guys. Ttyl <3>

Hey people my name is Stephanie Footh. Of course I go to Kennedy High School. I play volleyball and Lacrosse. I'm involved in lots of stuff to keep busy. I'm 16 years old so it's difficult to stay out at night because of curfew. Winter's coming up in Minnesota so it's gonna get cold soon. Burr!! But whatever. Have you ever seen snow? It sucks. But anyways hope to hear from you soon!!! Bye!


My name is Emily. I'm seventeen years old and a junior at kennedy high school in Bloomington Minnesota. I love to play volleyball. I also like hanging out with friends and going snow boarding in the winter. It'll Be fun to get to know you guys! Bye Emily T.

My name is Lamont Fondern jr. I am 16 yrs old and will be 17 in 29 days ( which is November 10th). World History is one of my favorite classes.I enjoy cooking, going to church and hanging out with my friends. I am looking forward to work with you all to the best ability I can. Lamont F.

Hey this is Mr. Ross T. Phillips. How you doing out there in Brazil? I'm coming live from out in Bloomington on the south side. I work at Valley fair, also drive a feiesto and i've had it years before I was 16. I have been to the movies and other things. I'm a very busy guy. This is Mr. R.T.P signing off. Have a good day brazil. Ross P.

Hi i'm Hunter and I live in Minnesota. I am 16 ears old and I play soccer and basketball. I like playing a lot of different sports with my friends. Brazil has a good soccer team but Messi is the best. Hunter

Hello, I'm bobby. I'm 16 and I live in Bloomington, Minnesota. I like to play sports such as baseball, football and basketball in my free time. Hope to hear from you soon. Bobby H.

Hi, my name is Adam I'm a junior at Kennedy High School. I enjoy going on very long bike rides in my free time, along with playing video games. I live n Bloomington minnesota and I built my last computer. Adam L.

Hi Guys, my name is Esraa Khader I'm a junior at Kennedy High School. I'm 16 years old from Jordan but currently living in Bloomington Minnesota. In my spare time I like to hang out with friends, go shopping, watch movies & party with people. I would like to visit Brazil someday learn the language, history & get a chance to meet great people. Well that's pretty much it :] talk to you guys soon <3>

Hey!!! Whats up y'all? My name is Chet Haslerad. I am 16 years old, I play on the high school hockey team. I love to party, so ladies get at me. I love the summer time weather in Minnesota, I highly suggest visiting. XOXO love, Chet H.

Hi, my name is Roxanna Rubio. I am 16 years old. I am a junior at Kennedy High School. I was born in California but I am Mexican! Im currently living in Bloomington, Minnesota. I live to travel and one day like to visit Brazil. Roxanna R.

Hello! Im Allegra from John F. Kennedy and Im 16 years old in 11th grade. I love music and dancing, also shopping, I love playing games and just having fun. Some things that we do around here are go to the mall, sports, party, and etc. Allegra

Hi guys,

My name is Jason and I live in a state called Minnesota here in the United States. I go to Kennedy High School. Im only 16 years old. Im also a big soccer (futbol) fan. I also love playing it. I love how Rpbohino plays without the Brazilian team. My favorite team is the mexican Javier " chicharito" Hernanadez, he plays for Manchester United in England. I will probably be attending the 2014 Brazilian world cup. take care. Jason D.

Hi, Im Weender Kamara and Im 16 in December. I was born in Liberia,, West Africa. I speak a little bit of French and a whole lot of English, haha. My favorite subject is health. Been going to JFK since freshman year. If you want to know more, hit me up on Facebook, haha. Weender K.

My names Jenna. Im 15. I love to dance. I play fastpitch and floor hockey. I have a guinea pig named Calaway. I live in Bloomington. I like to watch movies when Im bored. I like to shop but i have no money. I love to eat fruit snacks and Im addicted to fruit juice of any kind. I could live off cereal if I really wanted to. I use to play piano and now I wish I could of played the guitar. I tried to teach myself, but I only learned how the play twinkle, twinkle little star… kinda. Jenna P

Hi amigos. Im Talon, I go to JFK, I am in 11th grade. I play football, track, basketball, I am 16 years old but i will be 17 in December. I love hanging with friends and being creative and I am an only child. I am African American and I speak a little spanish. My favorite classes are History and English. I love having fun and going to church, parties, etc. Talon F.

Hello! My name is Heidi. I am 16 years old. I love going out and dancing. I like dancing cuban and salsa the most. What kind of music do you guys dance to? Heidi

Hi! My name is Kimberly and I'm 17 years old. Im the only 12th grader in 3rd hour World History. I know some words in a few different languages and I love learning about different cultures. I also love reading Anime and listening to music. When I graduate from High school, I want to go to college to become an Interior Designer or an Art Director. I hope to learn more about you. Kim G

Hello this is Danyell, I'm 16 and Im a junior. I don't really like World History but I don't mind having it. My teacher DW is really great and very patient. I love to party and have a good time. I don't do drugs, I just think they're nasty and has no point to doing them. I don't have a job yet but I might get one at Wendy's. Well thats all Bye!! Danyell

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hi friends

This is Ludimila, from Londrina-Paraná-Brazil. I'm 21 years old and I'm also a language student who is participating in this project.

I am a junior and I'm currently teaching English at a state school as part of my internship practice. I love speaking English and exchanging information and culture. I've been to the U.S in January last year. It was a memorable experience! I really would love to go back in the long run.

Hope to hear from you soon.

With love,


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello from Minnesota!

Hi everyone,

This is Margaret. I am participating in the project as a consultant for both the Brazilian and American side. I was in Brazil the past two years and now am back in the U.S., working at a university in Minnesota. I am really looking forward to a cultural and social exchange with all of you.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Hi, Folks!

My name is Amanda,

I live in Cambé a small city near from Londrina. I've been studying Foreing Language at UEL for three years, since I was 17, now I'm involved on this project and also I'm really curious to know much more about you dear. I hope you too.

That's it for now.
Talk to you soon :]

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hi There!

I'm Nathalia Consolin, and I've been living in Londrina for three years now, I first came here because of UEL, for I used to live in Assis - SP.I've been teaching since I got here, and now I'm teaching at two really nice schools, Number one and Megumi (a Japanese private school and they teach English as a foreign language and Japanese aswell). I love reading and I'm a big fan of series.I'm 21 years old (soon to turn 22). and I love teaching mostly kids, even when it is stressfull and difficult.

So that's it!

Talk to you guys soon!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hei Folks

My name's Mayara,I'm 20 years old and I'm part of this project..I'm a students of Foreign Languages and I'm a teacher in Lab(Laboratorio de Linguas-UEL).I'm from Rancharia(sp) but now I'm living here in Londrina.
We can exchange experiences.



Hey Guys!

I'm Leandro and my intership is in a public school. I'm a junior and I'm part of this project. I come from a city called Maringá but I really like Londrina, and here's where all my friends are. I love American shows and I always watch them when I can. I'm also addicted to video-games and currently playing Alan Wake. I hope I can learn a lot from you guys. TTYL

Hey Hey Everybody!

My name´s Estéfani Malaguti and I´m from Londrina, Paraná and I´m 21 years old. I´m a student at UEL- Foreign Languages. I´ve learned the language(english) with american teachers and I´ve been teaching English since I was 16. I first taught at a NGO, then I also taught at two language institutes here in Londrina, all level students. I hope to increase as a teacher as time goes by and I learn through experience. I think that´s it for now. =)

Hi Folks!

Hello everyone..
My name is Ana like my friends said I'm one of students involved with this project. I'm 21 years old, I'm teaching young learns in a school inside the university.
I'm also work in a private school teaching students your language.

So, I'm here to learn about you guys and feel free to ask whatever you want about our culture, language...

I'm really excited to chat with you...

Hi guys!!!!!! Sup ?!

My name is Megg Macedo, I'm a Foreing Language course estudante, I'm 23 years old and I'm from Londrina Paraná.
I lived in Atlanta for an year, so I'm a Braves big fan, yet I love the Lakers and the Patriots
I'm a big Histori fan so I will love to Learne new things from you, about your culture and histori, and teach some entteresting stuffs about Brasil.

Talk to yall soon


Hi there!

Hello everyone!
My name is Jefferson, 24 years old, Brazilian. I am studying Letters at UEL in Londrina, which is the city that I am living now, but I was born in Osasco, a big city near to São Paulo city.
I teach English in a public school.
My main interestings are foreign languages, music, art and culture (especially Japanese culture).
I like to go out, play acoustic guitar and draw.
That´s all. Feel free to ask anything!

Hello Folks!

My name is Julio, I’m 20 years old and I’m in 3rd year of Letras course at UEL. Well, I´m Brazilian’s young who like parties, drink some beers with friends, read good books, watch some movies, this kind of stuff.
Now we are studying Shakespeare, the subject is interesting, but the language is kinda hard, but we’ll survive. Be an English teacher in Brazil requires a little dedication to the language and culture through the undergraduate program we seek to improve knowledge.
Our teacher suggested this communication with American students through a blog and our group was interested. I think that experience of exchanging knowledge will be very fruitful for both parts, I'm excited to learn more about the lifestyle, informal style of language that you young Americans use and you can learn more about Brazil and maybe someday come here.
See ya!

Hi everybody!!

I'm Natália, one of the students involved in this project. I'm 25 and I'm in the trird year of Letras course at UEL.

I'm also involved in another project with deaf students, focusing on teaching English to them, where we work with reading and writing habilities. It is a hard work, because we have no references in this type of education, but it is really grateful.

I'm so excited to share information about our country, language and culture. I can't wait to chat with you!!


Hello everyone.

I'm Kalina.
A student of letters here at the University of Londrina, but I don’t live in Londrina, like most of my classmates, I live in Rolandia, a city near here.

I'm happy to share with you a few times as well as our experiences as students (letras) in Brazil. I also hope to share with you a well of the beauty of our country, of our culture, hardships and joys of Brazilians.

I’m sure our discussions here will be a nice and very important for everyone.

I leave here my hug.*_*

Hello dear!!!

I am Dirceu Carneiro a middle aged man who enroll after two courses, accounting and law, and a MA in education, decided to accept the challenge to study and learn a foreign language, I made the choice of English by the multiple possibilities, like to deepen studies in new technologies such as computer programming languages and especially for the opportunity to teach others.
This contact with you will present our country, its natural beauty, a little of their customs, their strengths and mainly try to design a little of what we think will be Brazil in the near future.
Londrina the city where we are is a beautiful city with many green areas, lakes, has a wonderful people, like most of the Brazilian people. It is considered a city providing services especially education, with eight major universities, many other distance away, another service of our city are the health services the city offers the best services in hospitals, laboratories, a large region.
I hope that this contact can provide great opportunities to meet part of their culture and the possibility of sharing views on various subjects.
It's a pleasure for me to participate in an intelligent design, innovation that seeks to share knowledge and different cultural viewpoints.

Cheers everybody !!

Hello Guys !

Well, I'd like to say that I'm very excited to chat with all of you!! Mainly to tell you a little more about my city, Londrina which is a calm and pleasant place where I love to live.
I will also share informations about my Course (LETRAS) at UEL University about its development and methodologies. By the way, we are having literature classes and sometimes I keep wondering if it would be the same experience that you have there and I even fell as if I was studing in high school class just like its shown in the movies! It's a weird feeling but it motivates me a lot since I love English and like Dayninha said I also want to visit America one day!
Anyway, That is it for now people! I hope we can have a good time chatting with each other !!!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hello everybody!
I'm Dayane, one of the students who will talk and share with you some information and curiosities about my country, Brazil, and I'd like you also talk about your country and city because I really want to know and visit it.
Talking about city and country, lets talk about mine. So, as I told you, I live in Brazil, in a city called Londrina, with a big population, I think, 510.707 people, it's the second biggest city in my State, Paraná. The temperature here is about 20 degrees (Celsius), I think is 68F. It's a beautiful city, there're many places to visit and go out.
About education, here a good city to study, there're many good schools, courses, colleges and the UEL, Universidade Estadual de Londrina, where I study, that is one of the most important University in Brazil.
Today, that's it, but I will look for more interesting information about us, brasilians.
Im glad for typing with you.
See you soon!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Who we are

Hi friends,
This is the first week of our exchange and I´d like to invite you to write a short introduction about yourself. I´m Telma, one of the teachers in charge of the project and responsible for the third year Letras students who are part of this exciting experience! This project exists thanks to the Small Grants award given by the American Embassy, that made it possible to acquire netbooks and a videocamera to record some of our classes and share them with others.

According to what we wrote in our initial proposal, from the Brazilian side, our project goals are twofold:

·         for prospective teachers it is to provide an opportunity to experience meaningful language learning in order to find room for innovation in their future teaching in state schools by focusing on global issues through meaningful communicative exchanges;
·         for in-service university teachers it is to enable the implementation of innovative practices in English language teaching at the university level.

We hope that for the students in the American school it will be an opportunity to engage with multi-cultural issues through an international perspective, thereby enhancing their understandings of their locale and the world at large.